"You will become a beast. Once and for all."

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This letter was sent by a subscriber who goes by the nickname Just Human. She is 20 years old. She was born after the "wild 90s. But she is sure that Russia is drifting into the "concentrated nineties" from the movies "Brother" and "The Voroshilov Sharpshooter". Here is her story:

– Lawlessness and criminality rule again. The laws have already said everything about the Wagnerites. The criminals were simply given a free hand, and now you can expect anything. The films and series like "Brother", "Bandit Peterburg", "The  Voroshilov Sharpshooter", "Zhmurki", "Two Destinies", "The cops' Wars" come to mind at once... THIS is what we are looking forward to, right? Is this what we're striving for? That it will be scary to be on the street? Although it's already scary because of the war.

I think we should expect an increase in theft and rape and other crap, to put it crudely. After all, criminals have now been elevated to the status of "liberation heroes", which means they can do anything. Total impunity. Can you then sue a Wagnerian for raping your daughter, sister, granddaughter, girlfriend or wife? I doubt it. Because the authorities will be on their side, and you have to live your own life. Handle it yourself or deal with it yourself.

Will many girls find themselves in the risk zone and repeat the fate of Katya from the film "The  Voroshilov Sharpshooter", or repeat the fate of that unhappy girl – the basis of a real story, only without the optimistic ending. After all, impunity and such inappropriate honouring of fighters breeds impudence and confidence. The criminals released from the war will understand that they are now the masters of life, which means they can do anything.

Perhaps they will - they will have everything, and we will have nothing. For they are in a special place in power, they are participants in this cruel "Special Military Operation". The circle starts again – we were thrown into the 90's, where the bandits had a lot, and the rest of us survived or fell to the bottom . Moreover, it's worth remembering Afghanistan and Chechnya. How many of the servicemen came back as normal people? In fact, how can you come back from the war as a normal person?

It's simply difficult to remain human if you were a participant in hostilities, shooting at homes and civilians. And if you have already killed? Then war will turn you into an aggressive moral freak who will always be out to hurt you. You will become a beast. After all. A dangerous and ruthless beast.

And what awaits us after this "Special Military Operation"? Devastation and ruin, poverty. This is a breeding ground for crime. We'll be squeezing everything from each other again... I myself am scared to see it. Scared and ashamed – that's the future you so much "hailing" for during the first weeks of this crazy war? This is not growth and not rising from its knees, but the very real fall of society. The fall to the bottom.

There's no telling what effect this will have on the younger generation. I think it will be the time of gopcompanies and skinheads again. Putin has simply killed all opportunities for young people to become self-sufficient, educated people. Instead it's going to be back alley boys. Not only has he killed my hope for the future and my desire to grow, he has deprived us all of a normal future by taking us back to that "terrible time – the 90's". Yes, I am a person of the '00s, it is not for me to judge that time. But I am not under any illusions that all was well, as the stories of some people give a different impression.

But we have younger brothers and sisters. Have we pushed them to live in lawless times by our silence or by our vehement acquiescence? And what will the other generations say to us? Hardly anyone will thank us now for such a period in our country. For honoring criminals and fascists, for supporting the war, for our reputation as a rogue and terrorist country, for our low standard of living. It really hurts me for my country that it cannot break away from the criminal world and become free and economically developed, that we continue to lower ourselves in the eyes of civilisation.

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