"Our Own."

Valeria (name changed) from Yekaterinburg is 27 years old. She is a teacher. In her letter, she talks about how not all teachers "pass double negative selection," that there are "their own" among them too, who can and should be found.

- There's nothing special about my story, I just want to respond to the words "looking for my own." 

When the war first started I worked in a school. Of course, it is commonly assumed that all public-sector teachers support the government, that they falsify election results, spread propaganda, and generally pass double negative selection, in short, that they are the worst people in the country. First of all, they are not. Secondly, sometimes they are. I frankly don't understand how a literature teacher can support a war. On the other hand, of course, I understand: duty, honor, and the Motherland are all Russian and Soviet literature. True, it's not all like that either, and anyone who can really read and think knows Pasternak and has read and understood Remarque. It makes no difference: teacher or student. 


When the war broke out, there was a conversation at recess that began with the words, "Where do you read the news?" And I took that question to heart: it seems to mark out "my own" right away. That's how I found out about the most active of my anti-war colleagues. She was looking for like-minded people, which is not much to do. From her I also learned about the other "insiders" in the school. When, on May 9, someone posted a video of that very letter in the teacher's chat room, I couldn't help myself and responded. Yes, workplace conflict is not okay. Silence isn't okay, either. And I also came out of the police department an hour ago - I was on edge. How much heckling and even threats I got in personal messages. Just as much support - I got to know more of my own people. Of course, I was soon fired from the school.

The new school also "found its own" just with the help of "signals". We were discussing the topic for the immersion day. I hear: "Power is not a very good word. Maybe love would be a better word," and I understand: "my own. I didn't work at this school for very long either.

Further reflection: I don't want to divide my colleagues or people in general into insiders and outsiders . I still think that there are those who delude themselves in good faith. Only for each of them there are not enough nights and bottles of vodka (figuratively) to discuss positions.

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