"Courageous people help you believe that not all is lost."

Photo from Nonako's personal archive

The heroine of the "Eyewitnesses" project set off on foot from the Perm region to Minsk in mid-summer. Nonako, as the girl introduced herself to us, embarked on a great journey alone to tell people about the war and help raise funds for political prisoners from Russia and Belarus. Many people are wondering when Nonako will be detained, but more are supporting her. At the beginning of her journey, she wrote us, "There is no future here anymore, fighting for it is pointless."But brave people from all regions helped her believe that not everything is lost.

- The third week on the road. Behind us are 600 kilometers of country roads, hundreds of gadflies swatted, dozens of people wishing the war would stop.

From crossing 40-45 kilometers a day my legs do not say "thank you," but the pain ceases to seem pointless when you meet like-minded people. Wonderful brave people from all regions help me believe that not everything is lost here.

Of all those who were against it, the man from Lugansk was the most memorable. "It's not the Coliseum there. There's a meat grinder there," he says in his eyes that he is an eyewitness and participant of terrible things. Such people see the situation in their own way. So does anyone who, from the clap of champagne, his thoughts drift far away. He wants LNR autonomy. But not at such a price. That is why he is on the watch, not on the front.
Photo from Nonako's personal archive

It is not possible to talk to everyone. The provosts are quite categorical and sometimes aggressive. Maybe by supporting the war they shield their conscience from reality. I no longer believe that people do not have access to alternative information, and therefore they are in favor of war. They don't have the courage to face the truth. After all, many of them are chanting in Ukrainian telegram channels.

And there are plenty of "let's not get political" people, too. To me, this is even sadder than seeing Russian swastikas on buses.

Silent acquiescence has brought us to this point in Russian history, and it is also permitting murder and looting in Ukraine right now. "Let's do without politics" is like "I'm scared, and I want to keep being scared. A selfishly inhumane position.

There is less and less distance to go each day. So many people are wondering when I will be detained. God bless you, I hope you will stop being afraid. I am grateful for the support of all those who believe that I will reach Minsk. I received the kindest words from the Belarusians.

Photo from Nonako's personal archive

Freedom for political prisoners, freedom for victims of punitive psychiatry. Keep donating to political prisoners' funds, write letters to them. Fight for everyone. Fuck the war.

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