Letter to a fellow countryman

Photo: Pixabay

Olga is 67. She is a pensioner from Tomsk. After the war began, she felt helpless in a country where lies and weapons had taken over and the people were gradually sinking into poverty. Olga expressed her pain in poetry.

It was as if the sound had been knocked out. 
As if there were no legs or arms. 
And you just have to use your head 
To fill the world 
Is no longer yours. 
Who needs your head? 
With the knowledge that over the centuries 
Has not bailed out the outside world? 
Here it is again, a bloody feast! 
And all are in agreement around. 
And only you, without legs, without arms. 
On the slope of life, the depths... 
Born after that war 
Only ten years later! 
Having seen: poverty and delirium. 
Delirium: "Here comes the attack!" 
And poverty: look for the product, 
Clothes for the children and doctors 
In a country where you are no one. 
Where, except for guns and lies. 
Neither you nor I Can survive. Nor me.

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