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"For school, we've been teaching her to lie for a long time."

"For school, we have been teaching her to lie for a long time" After the publication of Arthur's story from Siberia about obsessive military propaganda at school, we received many comments. They included advice to change the school to another one with more adequate teachers, to transfer the child to home schooling, to leave the country. The comments also included emotional responses and their own examples of confronting ...

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Sen. 21, 2023

"You can't hide your head in the sand from this disaster."

Valery (fictitious name) from St. Petersburg wrote to us. He is 55 years old. He is an electrician. He writes about the duplicity of "patriots" who approve of the war but do not want their relatives to participate in this war.
Sen. 21, 2023

"Saved a man from the SWO."

Boris (name changed) from the city of Togliatti wrote us a letter. He is 32 years old. He works as an engineer in a construction company. He could not work normally because of thoughts about the war. He discouraged his acquaintances from going to war.
Sen. 20, 2023

"Silent Scene. The school year has begun."

Zinaida (name changed) from the Moscow region works in a kindergarten. She has already written us a letter about what happens at her job. In her new letter she tells us how the new school year has started.
Sen. 18, 2023

"Oh, tears in my eyes!"

Margarita (name changed) from Novosibirsk is 41 years old. She is an accountant. In her letter she tells about how she lost her job because of her anti-war beliefs. How she went to a rally, how she was fined for singing Ukrainian songs. How she found the strength to endure what is happening.
Sen. 15, 2023

"Propaganda draws on the worst features of the national consciousness of the post-Soviet era"

"Propaganda is based on the worst features of the national consciousness of the post-Soviet era" Artem from Krasnoyarsk (name and city changed) wrote to us. He is 45 years old. He is a civil servant. He said in his letter that he condemns the war, but that it was not always so, that once he even published a newspaper in which he wrote about "traitor Khokhls", which then in his opinion should be returned ...

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Sen. 13, 2023

"Volunteering is the movement that has saved me psychologically."

Alisa (name changed) from Moscow wrote to us. After February 24, she became involved in car volunteering, which saved not only people who needed her help, but also herself.
Sen. 12, 2023

"Some words are for the house - others for the streets, and I keep equal footing, even when kissing."

Arthur (name changed) from Siberia wrote to us. His son has entered the third grade. They are trying to organize a "military class" in his school. And the parents don't know how to resist it.
Sen. 11, 2023

"Overnight they turned into soulless mankurts."

Elizaveta (name changed) from the Volgograd region wrote to us. She is 59 years old. She wrote to us about how her relatives rallied together not to socialize with those who are in favor of the war. About how the intelligent and educated people around her suddenly turned into supporters of the war.
Sen. 8, 2023

"White is white and black is black."

Alexei (name changed) is 27 years old from the Moscow region. He works in the service sector. He was born in Russia, but he has Ukrainian roots. In his letter he told how difficult it was to rebuild himself after the war started.
Sen. 5, 2023

"Just so long as Kiev doesn't surrender today!"

Mikhail (name changed) from a small town in the Kirov region wrote to us. He has his own theater at the DK. He also taught history at school and at a technical school. He told about how his views changed from "Lukashenko is the best and most honest president, and Stalin won the Great Patriotic War" to voting for Yabloko. Mikhail wrote how he watched the news on the first day of the war with two students on his knee from his phone and repeated: "Only if Kiev didn't surrender today!".
Sen. 4, 2023

"Grandfather survived because he ran away. That's the lesson my family taught me."

Intimidating activists on the eve of a full-scale war, or how researcher Veronika from Siberia decided to emigrate. She is now in Austria.
Aug 31, 2023

"All the people around me have changed their views."

"Vladimir (name changed) responded to Andrei Kashkarov's letter about the changes he notices in people during the war. - In fact, all the people in my environment have changed their views. Those who were actively in favor of the war, now sit in some depressive mood forever and not understanding what to do next. They ...

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Aug 30, 2023