"I want everyone to know about those who cultivate hatred."

Photo from the personal archive of the author of the letter

This letter came from the Kabansky District of the Republic of Buryatia. Its author asked to remain anonymous. He urges the opponents of war in Russia "not to give up" and describes who and how "in remote areas" conducts fundraising for the war and engages in hate speech among children. The author of the letter calls these processes rot and, in order to denounce its initiators by name, attaches screenshots from social networks and documents:

- Hello, my letter is a cry from the heart. I read many appeals from all cities and realize that there are so many of us - those who are against killing, death and in general against war.

I live in Buryatia, and there is little active movement here. People are degraded and do not analyze, but believe the television and their leaders. Many sponsor this war. A.A. Sokolnikov, head of Kabansky District, and I.N. Sablinskaya, director of "Our House" management company, collect money for weapons, food, etc. from workers, who already get a penny. I cannot look at all this anymore in silence. I want everyone to know what kind of rot is going on in the countryside.

Unfortunately, if in cities [the oppositionists] have associates, there are none here! Governor A.S. Tzydenov supports the criminal group in Moscow in every way possible. Everything and everyone is under him. I am not a cowardly person, and when it comes to war with someone I know, I try to prove with facts that everyone is making a mistake, and this is the end both for them and for the future of their children.

I watch people being brainwashed every day, based on [history] of WWII. All the facts are twisted. Like, for example, Jurnist L., a children's librarian and supporter of Putin, who hates Ukraine and is "brainwashing" children and their parents, urging young people to go to war. I want everyone to know about these "heroes," who falsely inculcate hatred [in people] from a young age. The most monstrous and deceitful things happen in the provinces! I wish that these people could be punished at least with shame.

I am against this war. Every bomb sent by the Russian Federation makes me sick. Not to mention the atrocities in Bucha and other cities carried out by these fascists. In all my life I have never experienced such pain as from what is happening in Ukraine because of the people I live with.

And I want to appeal to people of all nationalities who are against this infernal war. There are many of us. Don't let your hands fall for the joy of the Rascists! With these letters we will support each other and know that we are not alone. I will not stop helping Ukraine with words and money.  

Our faith in the state, everything we believed in, was stolen from us. But it is better to know how rotten society is now, and to be prepared for the future, than to walk around with rose-colored glasses on.

Thank you, editorial board, for the opportunity to address at least this way. Unfortunately, I can't give my name or anything else. You know what will happen to me [then]. 

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